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Babies with feathers

Seems like everything is really growing a lot this year.

Even the birds, which are making nests in the clay tiles of our roof — front and back on the second story — are on their third batch of babies. (I know there is another word for them, but to me, they are just babies.) A couple of the nests are right above our bedroom and bathroom windows. So I open the windows a little to hear the babies cheeping.

When the parents come back with food every one of the babies begins cheeping loudly and faster — nonstop! They sound so cute. But, like all babies cries, it gives me a feeling of urgency and needing to do something for them! In a few minutes, though, all is quiet. Not one little cheep. They go back to sleep after they are fed and the parents are off to find more food.

I can tell by the sound of their little voices when they are getting bigger. The cheeps turn into chirps and they are stronger sounding. Soon, it is quiet all the time. They’ve left the nest.

I imagine the parents must rest their wings for a few days before starting a new brood.


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I just came in the house from working in the yard.

These are new days in my older years. I have to wear sunglasses (the opthamologist ordered me to); a floppy, blue cloth hat with chin strap, to keep my face out of the sun to prevent more melanin splotches; my husband’s long-sleeved blue shirt, with “Dan” embroidered over the pocket, to cover my arms (as the doctor advised), because two wart/moles from the sun developed on one last week that had to be burned off; and soft, slip-on,┬árubber-soled surfing shoes, trimmed in pink neon, because I’m klutzy as hell and ALWAYS step on something, break a toe, or cut my foot.

So, I’m all decked out like this, while wearing black shorts. A vision I’m sure. ┬áI bent down next to the garden bricks to weed, struck my knee hard on the rough edge, and have a cut on my knee!

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