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I just came in the house from working in the yard.

These are new days in my older years. I have to wear sunglasses (the opthamologist ordered me to); a floppy, blue cloth hat with chin strap, to keep my face out of the sun to prevent more melanin splotches; my husband’s long-sleeved blue shirt, with “Dan” embroidered over the pocket, to cover my arms (as the doctor advised), because two wart/moles from the sun developed on one last week that had to be burned off; and soft, slip-on,┬árubber-soled surfing shoes, trimmed in pink neon, because I’m klutzy as hell and ALWAYS step on something, break a toe, or cut my foot.

So, I’m all decked out like this, while wearing black shorts. A vision I’m sure. ┬áI bent down next to the garden bricks to weed, struck my knee hard on the rough edge, and have a cut on my knee!


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