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Changes for the good that have occurred because a great number of people online have lent their support for them have been too long in coming.

This year, we have seen the power of many like-minded people. Ordinarily, most of us would not have spoken out or supported these issues.

It’s interesting that all who supported StopSopa, OWS, Planned Parenthood through social networking, did so without direct coordination. As long as people do what they do from the standpoint of goodness and in harmony with others, there is no down side that I can see.

It’s when hate, intolerance, and destruction of people and ideas are forcibly projected by a few vociferous people or groups when the power becomes a hammer and its consequences are feared.

I was thinking about this this morning. There is an “anti” segment of society and a “pro” segment. It’s interesting that more conservative-thinking people are generally against things: ideas, words, change. Liberal-thinking people have more of a “live and let live” behavior. Neither side will ever convert the other. We have to learn to accept and respect each other.  Somehow we have to be willing to meet in the middle if America is to survive as a democracy.

Until then, it is important that we know this type of power exists and how it can be used, because we may be called on for something far more important. We have to be ready to give our whole-hearted support and to sustain that support.

I have in mind an American Taliban-like movement. We are seeing its effects right now in smaller areas. This is not about religion or conservatives. This is about radical beliefs that relentlessly strive for the subjugation of women in society and financial/economic oppression of the masses. How like the middle east much of this thinking and these actions are.

Possibly, I’m beginning to sound more like a zealot. But, my actions are caused by anger because of inequalities that, up to this time, have not been acted upon and improved or removed.

And, I’m finding that there are many people who share my desire for independence and compassion and who oppose anything that restricts freedom of thought and limits our rights and abilities. This is a tipping point. We have discovered “we” and the power to change things.


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After years of touting itself as a champion of free expression on the Internet, Twitter Inc. on Friday touched off a torrent of criticism after it announced it can now remove messages from the online service within specific countries if asked to do so. via Twitter’s Censors Provoke Backlash – WSJ.com.

With the world becoming one in communication, this shouldn’t be surprising that some countries already controlling its populace would want to control their social networking as well.

Maybe to its credit, Twitter will point out when and where it has exercised its censorship, so that users will be informed of it.

I’ve also read that there are easy workarounds that would reveal the contents of the parts that are censored. It’s difficult to say if these loopholes will be plugged or will provide Twitter with a facesaving means of providing uncensored information to users while at the same time using censorship procedures as required by different countries.

Finally, thoughts turn to users here in the United States. Is there a chance that the government or big businesses in the United States may put pressure on Twitter to censor information that they believe should not be shared publicly? As it happens to others, so it may also happen to us.  All it takes is for people to accept one small change, then another, and another.  In retrospect, you can see how sweeping changes can take place with almost no opposition. Keep that in mind.

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Just this once I’m going to try this. Blogging on an iPhone. It’s like cooking a banquet in a kitchenette.

Since there is a WordPress app, I was pretty sure that using a smartphone to blog was widely done.

On the other hand, just because eggplants are in the produce section, doesn’t mean everyone is eating them.

No. This is difficult to do. Difficult to think and do. The app is for reading blogs. Not writing them. But I tried. Just this once.

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The Twitter Book, by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein, is a book about using Twitter and Twitter-related items that will be a fabulous resource to users at all levels.

Actually, this is less a review than my personal comments about the book. I was a Twitter user long before I read it. Then someone sent me the book.

As I looked it over, I realized it was packed with facts and details about Twitter that I never knew. As soon as I read the tips, I went to Twitter and put a few into practice!

There actually is not an official manual by Twitter about Twitter that I know of. Everyone starts out with the same lack of information as I did — unless they have knowledgeable friends. I found mine in this Twitter book.

The book is attractive, has short chapters and is easy reading; and yet, it is jam packed with references, resources, and how to information.

Having read it from cover to cover, I sent it to a friend. After a week, I was missing it! There are items in it that I needed to reread to refresh my memory. Some things I had no interest in at the time I read the book, only to realize that they would really come in handy at the present time.

So, I ordered the book. For myself this time. I can recommend this book to anyone who uses Twitter for personal or business reasons. http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596802820.do?sortby=bestSellers

The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition, is going to be released in November, and I plan to read that one, too! http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920022336.do

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