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A friend and his wife recently went on an extended car trip across the United States. He wrote, “If you want to test your marriage, try being together for 30 days in a car in strange places at strange times in strange weather and see if you can hold the ‘Till death do us part’ together without speeding up the process.”

I think being in the same vehicle for extended periods, far from a sanctuary (when a person is desperate to be alone), has the same danger factor as home remodeling does!

I already know my husband of many years and I are not compatible enough to arrive at a far away destination in a state of sanity.

Our powers of compatibility and teamwork were tested early on when we got involved in a car rally! He was the driver. I was the navigator. As time ticked by, we became strangers in a strange land, with nasty tempers. I can’t even remember if we finished the rally. Or if we were talking after the rally.

My husband drives most all the time now when we go places together. Older and wiser, I lean back on the passenger side and let him argue with the woman on the GPS about HER directions!

She clearly gets pissed after a time when he misunderstands or ignores what she told him, and in her British accent starchly says, “Re-culc-oolating.”

His reserve gone, he bursts out, “NOW WHAT!? GODDAMN IT! I DID WHAT YOU TOLD ME!”


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Changes for the good that have occurred because a great number of people online have lent their support for them have been too long in coming.

This year, we have seen the power of many like-minded people. Ordinarily, most of us would not have spoken out or supported these issues.

It’s interesting that all who supported StopSopa, OWS, Planned Parenthood through social networking, did so without direct coordination. As long as people do what they do from the standpoint of goodness and in harmony with others, there is no down side that I can see.

It’s when hate, intolerance, and destruction of people and ideas are forcibly projected by a few vociferous people or groups when the power becomes a hammer and its consequences are feared.

I was thinking about this this morning. There is an “anti” segment of society and a “pro” segment. It’s interesting that more conservative-thinking people are generally against things: ideas, words, change. Liberal-thinking people have more of a “live and let live” behavior. Neither side will ever convert the other. We have to learn to accept and respect each other.  Somehow we have to be willing to meet in the middle if America is to survive as a democracy.

Until then, it is important that we know this type of power exists and how it can be used, because we may be called on for something far more important. We have to be ready to give our whole-hearted support and to sustain that support.

I have in mind an American Taliban-like movement. We are seeing its effects right now in smaller areas. This is not about religion or conservatives. This is about radical beliefs that relentlessly strive for the subjugation of women in society and financial/economic oppression of the masses. How like the middle east much of this thinking and these actions are.

Possibly, I’m beginning to sound more like a zealot. But, my actions are caused by anger because of inequalities that, up to this time, have not been acted upon and improved or removed.

And, I’m finding that there are many people who share my desire for independence and compassion and who oppose anything that restricts freedom of thought and limits our rights and abilities. This is a tipping point. We have discovered “we” and the power to change things.

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People we have elected to represent us get sucked into a corruptible political system once they are elected. The promises they made and the character they showed to get there fade fast. The newly-elected now must please not only their constituents, but their party and lobbyists. (Not in that order.)

They learn the taste of authority and influence, and to expect the perks that their positions bring to them.  It’s heady. It’s stressful. It’s addictive. It requires walking fine lines and calculation: How much resistance to show the other party? How much support to lend to the other party? Can I fudge on my expenses just this once? Can I take that all-expense paid trip the lobbyist is offering without anyone finding out about it? How much will the voters forget by the next election?

Moves are calculated for the most advantage to the politician, the party, and lobbyists. And it becomes a never-ending cycle of calculation and gearing up for the next election.

What once seemed like a “calling,” is now a business venture. No moves are made spontaneously or from a passion to do what is right or needed.

The public hopes that the decisions the politician makes will have their best interests in mind. As time goes on and few decisions are in their favor, people become angry and frustrated. But, they remain hopeful that the next bill or policy will be favorable to them and will be fair and reasonable.

When more time passes without that happening, people are still somewhat hopeful, but become skeptical that the government and their representative is working on their behalf. As even more time goes by, hope dies and people become resigned, or even apathetic, to the scant attention to their needs and desires.

We’ve seen it happen over and over.  We don’t have to worry about taxation without representation. We have to be concerned about representation that is calculating and self-serving.

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Some stories I’ve read seem right on target. This election was not a referendum against Obama. It was not a go-ahead signal to the Republicans to do what they want to do. It was a strong voice for the government to get to work and do something productive.

I believe we all want to have both sides come together and work as one for the betterment of the United States and its people. This hasn’t been the case for many years.

Why does this have to be such a struggle? Why does it have to be Them and Us every year? It’s discouraging that our elected officials in government cannot work together in compromise and for what is best for the nation.

The mean attacks. Misinformation. Inability to communicate in a meaningful way with other people of different beliefs. Arrogance. Cluelessness. Greed. Desire for power. Death threats and murder to anyone who thinks in a different way. And, more — are manifested everyday by our government officials and citizens. All of this diminishes us as a country, and has diminished us as a society.

Why can we get so excited and enraged about half truths, yet the bigger truth behind it all is that we are a country divided and fighting itself barely registers and causes concern?

Interestingly, we do see cycles. We have seen the beginning and end of terrible things done to innocent people. We are in another cycle. But this one is not so clearly outlined. Damage is being inflicted that could be lasting. When the cycle ends, I wonder if we will still be standing as a nation? As a society?

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I think I’m going to have to stop reading the paper and keeping up with what is happening in the U.S. It’s getting depressing.

Besides Mitch McConnell saying he is going to focus on getting Obama out in 2012, there is a story about three of the Iowa Supreme Court judges being thrown out by voters because of their ruling in favor of gay marriage. Someone said that with special interests and people giving money to oppose rulings they don’t like that the message has become “justice is for sale.”

Years ago, I hardly knew anything more than the President’s name. I voted all the time, but issues didn’t seem to bother me as they do now. I was pretty much ignorant of what was going on and I remember that it didn’t make me unhappy. I trusted that everything in government was running without my attention.

The first notice I began taking of politics was when Newt Gringrich promoted his Contract with America and the terrible way Clinton was being prodded and poked when he was doing a good job. That’s when I first donated money to the Democratic Party. Gringrich scared me. Out of fear for him continuing to influence political decisions, I paid attention to what was happening in the news. This is when I had a long commute for work. The drive each way was 1-1/2 hours so there was plenty of time to listen to the news on the radio.

Out of all the uncertainties and questions I have now is if the Republicans want Obama out, who would they suggest instead: Palin? Rand Paul? Glenn Beck?

God. I’m scared again.

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As I first wrote, the reason for a blog was to spew my frustration to the etherness about the election and dysfunctional candidates. Just letting it all out helped.  Although there is still a low level of frustration — caused by our current administration —  it’s more easily ignored, because (thank you God) The End Is Near!

Now, there is nothing to let out. But, I’m kind of invested in the blog. It is like keeping a journal I’ve discovered. However, without the highs and lows of the election, the necessity to spew just doesn’t seem to be there.

Currently, the one topic that I am most passionate about — civil rights for gays — isn’t one that I feel like vocalizing much. I’m pretty vocalized out, if you will. All the talk in the world isn’t going to change the minds of those who are convinced that gays are sinners.

It’s funny in a way.You would think these people would be more concerned about promiscuous gay lifestyles. Instead, the gays that are in stable relationships and more than likely holding  good jobs, and contributing their share of money and energy to their communities, are regarded as sinners because they want to marry.

Okay. I guess I’m not out of words on this subject. And, once I think about it, I do need to spew!

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