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The Twitter Book, by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein, is a book about using Twitter and Twitter-related items that will be a fabulous resource to users at all levels.

Actually, this is less a review than my personal comments about the book. I was a Twitter user long before I read it. Then someone sent me the book.

As I looked it over, I realized it was packed with facts and details about Twitter that I never knew. As soon as I read the tips, I went to Twitter and put a few into practice!

There actually is not an official manual by Twitter about Twitter that I know of. Everyone starts out with the same lack of information as I did — unless they have knowledgeable friends. I found mine in this Twitter book.

The book is attractive, has short chapters and is easy reading; and yet, it is jam packed with references, resources, and how to information.

Having read it from cover to cover, I sent it to a friend. After a week, I was missing it! There are items in it that I needed to reread to refresh my memory. Some things I had no interest in at the time I read the book, only to realize that they would really come in handy at the present time.

So, I ordered the book. For myself this time. I can recommend this book to anyone who uses Twitter for personal or business reasons. http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596802820.do?sortby=bestSellers

The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition, is going to be released in November, and I plan to read that one, too! http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920022336.do


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