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It’s funny about Halloween this year.

The granddaughters came back after being out over an hour or so with bags
only partially filled. They said a lot of houses were dark — not home or
not involved with Halloween this year. Maybe because of the economy. One house had a sign that they had no candy and that they weren’t giving it out because they were Christians.

Rocky would run out the door when we opened it to kids, and if there was a
mom on the sidewalk, he would jump up and down and want her to pick him up. He was returned to the door a couple of times by his women admirers while covering him with kisses and coos.  I tied him to the stair post for the rest of the evening.  Innocent, but promiscuous, little devil.

I don’t think there were as many kids tonight as in the first few years we
were here. And, there were more older kids — many not costumed. About a
quarter to nine Danny put a sign on our door saying “Out of Candy.” We had a
little left, but it was getting to be a nuisance to answer the door between
long periods of quiet.

Curiously, a couple of others said they closed their doors early, because there weren’t a lot of kids this year. Is Halloween changing?


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