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We were just out shopping for bed pillows at Kohl’s. Instead of being
elated, I felt sad to see the deep price cuts on so many nice things. We
actually bought standard/queen pillows for $4.99 each, cut from $9.99 which was a sale price. We used to buy them for $15-$20. How long can the store stay in business with no or very slim profits?

Then, we looked for a tablecloth to replace the one on the dining table.
Danny suggested Linens ‘n’ Things.  It was their last day and they just
had a semicircle of tables loaded with fabric products. Some were out of the
packages and thrown every which way. Racks of bare shelves cordoned off the largest part of the store. It was absolutely empty. Even the shelves and
lights had been sold. A throng of customers surrounded the tables and
quietly delved into them, tossing packages around, and checking prices on

In that shopping center, THREE anchor stores: Linens n Things, Circuit City,
and Living Spaces were going out of business. I don’t think of the
superlative bargains, but of the people who will be out of jobs, and the
money that is being lost.


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As I first wrote, the reason for a blog was to spew my frustration to the etherness about the election and dysfunctional candidates. Just letting it all out helped.  Although there is still a low level of frustration — caused by our current administration —  it’s more easily ignored, because (thank you God) The End Is Near!

Now, there is nothing to let out. But, I’m kind of invested in the blog. It is like keeping a journal I’ve discovered. However, without the highs and lows of the election, the necessity to spew just doesn’t seem to be there.

Currently, the one topic that I am most passionate about — civil rights for gays — isn’t one that I feel like vocalizing much. I’m pretty vocalized out, if you will. All the talk in the world isn’t going to change the minds of those who are convinced that gays are sinners.

It’s funny in a way.You would think these people would be more concerned about promiscuous gay lifestyles. Instead, the gays that are in stable relationships and more than likely holding  good jobs, and contributing their share of money and energy to their communities, are regarded as sinners because they want to marry.

Okay. I guess I’m not out of words on this subject. And, once I think about it, I do need to spew!

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